About Sudi Bosnevi in English Language: William henry Lowe (1848-1917)

  • Ahmed Zildžić, doc.dr.
Keywords: William Henry Lowe, Ahmed Sudi Bosnevi, comment, Hafiz, English-speaking area


This paper briefly presents the echoes of Ottoman-Turkish comments on Divan of Hafiz by our prominent author in oriental languages, Ahmed Sudi- Bosnevi, primarily through the work of William Henry Lowe, including his biography and the fields of his interests, with special attention to his engagement in oriental philology. In addition to a few translations from Persian language by which Loewe achieved significant results in oriental philology, we are particularly interested in The Twelve Odes of Hafiz where he used the comments by Ahmed Sudi Bosnevi for his English translation. We have tried to show circumstances mentioned by Lowe himself in his foreword and elsewhere throughout the above-mentioned book, explaining why, out of the abundance of commentary literature on Divan of Hafiz, he chose the very comments by our author.