Literary, Cultural and Historical Properties of Diwān by Ḥasan al-Būsnawī

  • Semir Rebronja
Keywords: Oriental-Islamic literature, Arabic literature, Divan, Islamic tradition, history of Medina


Ḥasan ibn Muṣṭafā al-Būsnawī al-Madanī, Hasan Bosnevi is a fruitful poet from the end of 18th and first half of 19th century. More than three hundred songs found in Divan make him one of the most prolific and perhaps the most prolific Bosnian poet in Arabic language. Hasan Bosnevi treated many topics, poetic forms and genres in his Divan. In addition to artistic sensibility, Hasan Bosnevi’s songs represent a real treasure of history and culture, especially that of Medina, but also of the entire Hijaz. The purpose of this paper is to present the Divan by a Bosnian who has not been so well known in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to shed light on the author and his literary opus in Arabic language.