Manuscripts of Tağwīd-i Qarabāš in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Abdul-Aziz Drkić
  • Hamza Lavić, hafiz
Keywords: tagwid, Abdurrahman Karabaši, qiraet, oriental and Islamic manuscripts


The focus of this paper is a script that falls within tagwid (rules for Qur’an reading) entitled Tağwīd-i Qarabāš that had for centuries been used as a handbook for qiraet all over the Otoman Empire, including Bosnia and Herzegovina. It includes data on possible authors and compares the definition of tagwid rules with the classic works dealing with qiraet, analyzing its influence on occurence of tagwid in Bosnian language. Upon insight into the catalog of collection of manuscripts in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a number of manuscript copies of Tağwīd-i Qarabāš was discovered. Their chronological and local structures have been indicated.