Mosques and Wakfs in the Jamaat of Mokro under the Munt Romanija

  • Haso Popara, hafiz
Keywords: vakuf, džamija, han, Mokro, Šahbegovići, Kara Mustafa- paša Sokolović, Šah-beg, Mehmed-paša Kukavica, wakf, mosque, inn, Mustafa-pasha, Šah-bey, Mehmed-pasha


To author’s best knowledge, there has been no paper ever published on mosques and wakfs in the jamaat of Mokro under the mount Romanija. Using the unpublished documents, this work shows new data on Kara Mustafa-pasha’s and Šah-bey’s mosques in the jamaat of Mokro at the times of Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian governments in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The focus is on Kara Mustafa pasha’s endowments: inn, caravanserai, and other real property in Mokro, water system in Sarajevo, Šah-bey’s land in the village of Donji Tihomir (later called Šahbegovići) on the mount Romanija, and inn of Mehmed-pasha Kukavica in Mokro; Ćesri’s endowment in Mokro, Bijela Voda fountain by haji Alija, son of Mustafa, in the village of Hotičina.

In chronological order, the paper presents court documents on wakfs in Mokro, names of officials, misuse of wakf property, litigations, and efforts of mutawallis to save wakf property. Special attention has been paid to construction of buildings on rented wakf land during the initial years of Austro-Hungarian government which, at the time of establishment of land registry in 1889, led to loss of ownership.

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