Three old Oriental manuscripts of Yugoslav collections transcribed in Iraq

  • Mehmed Mujezinović, prof.ef.


In the libraries and collections of the old manuscripts, at the territory of Yugoslavia, there is a certain number of codexes in Arabic, Turkish and Persian languages originated from or transcribed in larger cultural centres,such as Mecca, Medina, Cairo, Bagdad, Istanbul and others. Among these imported books we often find very valuable rarities even the unique items of certain books.

In this account  the  author  prepares three  of  such  manuscripts the copies of which  originated  in  Iraq. These are manuscripts:

  1. Transcription of Qur'an (transcribed  by  Mohammed  Ibn  Muhamed  Širazi in Mosul 647/1249. The specimen of size 13 x 10, illuminated with beautiful Persian ornaments with  titles of some chapters in Kufi  angular  letters.
  2. Keššaf, commentary on Qur'an from the  author  Zamahšeri transcribed  at the famous Islamic University Mustansirija in Bagdad in 660 (1262) by Bilal ibn Gebrail et- Turkmeni. The manuscript is transcribed from the autograph to which it was attached in 126
  3. The manuscript of the w ork from the scope of Arabic syntax titled El- wafiye fi šesrhiI- kafiye written by was transcribed by Ahmed ibn Yezid ibn Abdulah Koh- Keyluyi at the famous university Mustensirija at Bagdad in  757 (1356).


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