Ilhamija Abdul Vehab ibn Abdul Vehab, Žepčevi, Bosnevi

  • Muhamed Ždralović, prof.dr.


The basis for this article about Ilhamija Abdulvehab Žepčak (1773—1821) was found by the author in two manuscripts of the Oriental Collection o f the Yugoslav Academy  of  Sciences and  Arts  in  Zagreb  (MSS  No.  2020  and  720). In the manuscript No. 2020 at pages 19b, 20a, and 20b there is a poem Nasihat (Advice) from which the autobiographic traits of Ilhamija are recognized, as well as his call to learning, education and his supporting of writing in native language.Manuscript No. 720 is, in fact, a diploma (idžazetnama) issued by Sheik Hadži Abdulah Čankari on 30 August 1810 in Tešanj. The idžazetnama contains: Praise to God, Muhammed, then emphasis of values of  Science and the name of Abdulvehab as the candidate who will spread this Science. Series of transferers of Science from Ilhamija's spiritual leader Abdulah  to  the latest messenger Muhamed and Advices to the candidate and his duties.

By the help of this w ork the biography o f Ilhamija is completed and it is obvious that his teacher was Sheik Abdulah Čankari who, according the seal at the end of the certificate, served in Tešanj.


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