The library of Mehmed - Razi Velihodćić , Sheik and Muderis of Husrev - bey's hanikah in Sarajevo

  • Mehmed Mujezinović, prof.ef.


Hadži  Mehmed- Razi  Velihodžić  was  born  about  1722  in  Sarajevo  and  died 1785 in Mecca.  He was known as an expert in Sheriyat hereditary  law and astronom. In  addition   he  was  an  epigraphic  poet.  His  contemporary  Mula  Mustafa  Bašeskija mentioned  him at several places in his autograph  'The Sarajevo Chronicle". These data were used by all authors who wrote about Mehmed Razi (see note 1 w here an index of the literature about Mehmed- Razi is presented).

In this work the author, besides the basic biographic data about Velihodžić, presents one yet non-published document about him, that is the register of books of his private library. This register is preserved as the list of his inheritance in sidžil of Gazi Husrev- bey's Library in Sarajevo. The mentioned list points out, that the library of Velihodžić contained  199 titles  in  149 codexes.

According  to  the  short  titles  of  books  of  Velihodžić's possession the books are divided according their contents.

  • Commentaries and regular reading o f Qur'an (tefsir and tedžvid)  11,
  • Islamic trad ition (Hadis)  11,
  • Sermos (Va'z) 4,
  • Dogmatics ('llm u l- kelam)  5,
  • Sheriyat law (Fiqh)  21,
  • History and geography (Tarih wa gugrafya)  11,
  • Medicine and Veterinary Science (Tibb) 2,
  • Astronomy and mathematics (llm i  nucum ve hisab)  26,
  • Music (Musiki) 1,
  • Poems and prayers (llahiya ve ed'iye) 8,
  • Philology (llm u l- lugat)  16,
  • Logic (Mantik) 1,
  • Persian classical authors 8,
  • Miscellany (books the contents of vvhich  is not determined).

This account o  books according to their contents show s that the largest number of books were of Sheriyat law and Astronomy and this points out that was occupies mostly with these disciplines. He also dealt with the copying of books.


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