A short account of the internal work of Gazi Husrev - bey library

  • Fejzulah Hadžibajrić, šejh


The author of this article presents various ways of work in the Library regarding  inventory, classification  and location o f books. First he describes the classical oriental way of work which Akif Hadži Husejnović Muvekkit inherited from his father, then the first reform inherited  by  Hadži Mehmed effendi Handžić and finally the work of the commission in 1950, which performed the complete inventory of all funds. The commission accepted the principles of contemporary  librarianship, as the second reform of the work in the Library.

The two oldest inventories of the books of Gazi Husrev- bey Library and Karadžoz- bey Library in Mostar were found in 1977. They will serve as the basis for a further study of classical  way of work  in oriental libraries.




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