Relation between travelogue subject and object in Muhamed Ali Pasha Travelogue Summer Travel in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Munir Mujić, dr.
Keywords: Muhameda Ali-paša, Muḥammad ʽAlī Bāšā, Ljetno putovanje u Bosnu i Hercegovinu, Riḥla al-ṣayf `ilā al-Busnah wa al-Harsak, putopis, narativ, razlika, specijalna relacija


The subject of this article is observing the relationship between the travelogue subject and object in the example of travelogue Summer in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Riḥla al-ṣayf `ilā al-Busnah wa al-Harsak) authored by Muhamed Ali Pasha (Muḥammad ʽAlī Bāšā). This relation is questioned through analyzing the style in which the travelogue operates with differences which are are inherent to the presentation of other cultures, and through analyzing the ways in which travelogue analyzes the spatial relations between the world from where he comes and the world that he analyzes and empathic identification and counter-identification with the world it describes.