The Orientalistic fund in Gazi Husrev-bey library

  • Fatima Tinjak
Keywords: orijentalistika, turske inkunabule, Gazi Husrev-begova biblioteka, Ibrahim Muteferika, štamparstvo


The paper gives a brief description of the printed book fund in oriental languages of the Gazi Husrev - bey Libarary. There are many factors that have influenced the delayed appearance of printed books in the Ottoman Empire so it occurs in the early 18th century. Gazi Husrev-beys Library has preserved the editions of first printing office of Ibrahim Müteferrika in Ottoman Empire, which are true typographical rarities, some researchers deal with them also as Turkish incunables. Furthermore, this fund holds a valuable collection of Arabica written titles which makes an important segment in the study of Bosnian language and literature. Until the mid 20th century the fund of printed books in oriental languages had been dealt along with handwritten ledger as evidenced by the inventory books of Gazi Husrev-bey Library. For a long time these printed books, along with the manuscripts, were the only sources for the study of Islamic studies in this area. Most of the holdings of the fund are automatically processed and its database is available to researchers.

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