Different reflections of Ottoman conquest of Dalmatian hinterland or why the Ottoman census are still indispensable sources

  • Fazileta Hafizović, dr.
Keywords: Osmansko carstvo, Dalmacija, defter iz 1550. godine, utvrde, Ostrovica, prihvatanje islama, Damjan Klokočić


The basis of this article represents unpublished facts from an extensive Landsturm census of the Klis Sanjak from 1550. They complement and in some cases correct the existing image of the area at that time, especially with regard to the relationship of the new government to the local population. Facts from the census show that the relationship was far better than the image created in historiography.

The census is also significant because it was an integral part of the first known census of the Klis Sanjak, although this Sanjak was founded 13 years earlier. Areas that are examined in this paper were conquered before the formation of the Klis Sanjak and were administratively regulated within the Vilayet Croats, which belonged to the Bosnian Sandžak, and was so listed in the extensive census of the Bosnian Sanjak in 1530. This paper presents new facts from the Ottoman census, which are related to the conversion to Islam of Duke Damian, commander of the Klicevica fort, who later became a member of the Ottoman military.