Mustafa - Pasha Babić and his manuscript legacy

  • Osman Lavić, mr.
Keywords: Mustafa-paša Babić, islamsko bibliotekarstvo, Visoko, rukopisi, visočka medresa


This article deals with a short biography of Mustafa Pasha Babić and his manuscript legacy. Mustafa Pasha Babić was born 1806 in Sarajevo. During his forty years of social engagement in Bosnia, he performed the duties of a reserve military Colonel of the Bosnian Sanjak army and a consuel of Sarajevo and Banja Luka and Maglaj, Gracanica, Gradiska and Derventa kaza. Omer Pasha Latas expelled him from Bosnia in 1851 together with a larger group of Sarajevo notables. He died in Bursa in 1853.

The Mustafa Pasha Babić vakufnama from 1840 endowed 83 manuscripts for the library for the newly established madrasa in Visoko . The library contained 83 codes, or 95 manuscripts in Arabic, Turkish and Persian. The thematic and linguistic structure was appropriate to the madrassa rank, as it was Visoko, with a muderis salary amounting to 20 akčas per day. The textbooks used were already checked and used in other madrasas in all three oriental languages. It served the educational system for the next seventy years. The library was probably destroyed in a fire on 23/24 November 1911. A smaller part of the manuscript legacy of Mustafa Pasha Babić (41 codex ) is registered in the probate proceedings after his death, which was conducted at Sarajevo Sharia Court in 1855.

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