The life and times of Abdullah Drnišlija

  • Omer Nakičević, prof.dr.
Keywords: Abdullah Drnišlija, Drniš, historija, Bosne, kadija, muftija


Abduallah Drnišlija was a well-known professor, judge, mufti and poet who got his education at the Sahn-i-Seman in Istanbul.

According to available sources, he was involved in:

  • in a Commission which on the orders of the Porte received all Austro-Hungarian jurisdictions which were under Turkish rule before 1698/99.
  • in the establishment of borders between Turkey and its western neighbours in Europe according to the agreement from1698/99.
  • in the settlement of reaya in the sanjaks of Krk, Klis and other places.
  • then he was a signatory of Hudud-name (border agreement between Turkey and Austria).
  • worked in Istanbul Tripoli, Sarajevo and
  • he left behind information about castle in Tešanj
  • during the burning of Sarajevo by Eugene of Savoy, his property was destroyed and because of that he appealed numerous times to the Porte for employment but to no av

The work of Abdullah Drnišlija can be traced until 1717 when muhafiz Mustafa from Belgrade suggested to the Porte to appoint him as qadi in Srebrenica. However, on the margins of the same document, it is written that according to the ferman sent by Kubili Mehmed-aga, Abdullah Drnišlija was sent to Istanbul. With that, his file was closed.

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